What Is the Brightest Rechargeable Flashlight?

If you are looking for the brightest rechargeable flashlight, you have come to the right place. We have new powerful flashlight reviews for a variety of rechargeable flashlights, like a waterproof flashlight, a pocket flashlight, a red led flashlight, 600 lumens flashlights, or an emergency flashlight. In our experts reviews you also going to find a big flashlight buying guide or the brightest rechargeable led flashlight Product that you can find today. We have taken in to account every single factor that will affect your decision making regarding your flashlight purchasement.

Flashlight ImageFlashlight NameAmazon
Klarus Upgraded XT11GTCheck Now20004.6 oz.
Solaray Pro zx-1
Check Now12005 oz.
Nitecore P12GT Check Now10003.21 oz.
Streamlight tlr-1
Check Now8004.2 oz.
Streamlight Stinger
Check Now4003.7 oz.
olight s1rCheck Now9001.28 oz.
Anker lc90
Check Now90010.6 0z.
klarus G20
Check Now30008.8 oz.
Nitecore MH20
Check Now10003.04
Stanley fatmax sl10ledsCheck Now22002.05 lbs.

How To Choose a Powerful Flashlight?

Well we are here to answer that question. Handheld lamps are a device that is not used only at home, they are also operated in law enforcement, security, hunting and in plenty of another kind of activities in life. That is why when we look for a flashlight, we have to be conscious of what will be the operation that is intended to be use in.

So, let see which are the features that the different kind of lights show:

  • Size and weight: course this factor is critical when planning to purchase the right flashlight. If is pretended to apply it like an EDC instrument, normally the user will look for a sturdy and bigger flashlight.
  • Light brightness: The output of a handheld lamp is measured in Lumens and depending on the lamp can go from a few unit until thousands of lumens. Most sophisticated flashlights these days have several modes with different luminosity that can be chosen by the user.
  • Run time and kind of battery: This is an important aspect of the purchasement of your light. The range of the run time that batteries present is quite ample, and it will depend of the quality of the battery that the flashlight uses. For example, there are rechargeable batteries that even though they are more expensive, can be utilized for longer time, and also are disposable and cheaper batteries for budget conscious persons.

klarus xt11gt


USB Rechargeable



super bright






Solaray pro zx-1


Adjustable Focus

Water resistant

Multipurpose light

Memory light mode


Nitecore p12


Intuitive Interface

Power Indicator

White Light

Crystal Coating Technology





 Streamlight tlr-1



Shock-mounted glass lens

TIR optic

C4 LED technology

Aluminum construction with anodized finish






Anker lc90


IP65-rated water resistant

Built-in 6700mAh rechargeable battery

5 adaptable settings

Stunningly powerful beam






Rechargeable Flashlights

Olight S1r




1.-Frame Material: Sturdy 6061-T6 aluminum with great scratch preventing capability.

2.-Lens: PMMA TIR lens with enhanced light diffusion level.


Head Diameter: 0.83in / 21mm

Frame Diameter: 0.78in / 20mm

4.-Light Source: Led Cree XM-L2

5.-Length: 2.6in / 64mm

Olight s1r Review: Ran by one RCR123 battery the S1R Baton is a side-switch, rechargeable EDC flashlight of great output,and with a maximum power of 900 lumens, utilizes Cree XM-L2 LED. The TIR optic lens delivers a well balanced ray of white light .

Also this flashlight includes a combo compounded by a portable USB charging cable and also a desktop USB charger.

The range of the output is from 0.5 to 900 lumens featuring 5 levels of brightness besides the strobe option.


Really bright strobe mode.

Great combination of size and brightness

It comes with 2 batteries


The clip is longer than the flashlight

Clients opinion:

Clients mostly say that this flashlight is very bright for its size, and the portability make it specially useful for EDC situations.Some of them were impressed by the magnetic charger and the hands free mount.

Klarus G20





USB charging cable

Mini USB light


1 Klarus 26650 battery

2.- Cree XHP70 N4 LED

3.-Brightness modes:

(15 lumens) - 150 hours

(160 lumens) - 19 hours

High (650 lumens) - 4.5 hours

(3000 lumens) - 0.75 hours


This 3000 lumen flashlight is not only a powerful light,it is also compact, have 2 switches(1  tail switch for sophisticated operations and a side switch for ordinary use),have 4 levels of brightness which range from 15 to 3000 lumens.

This TAC flashlight also shows a Strobe mode and SOS mode as specials features.

The Klarus 26650 rechargeable battery with a 5000 mAh capacity is included and can be recharged using the flashlight USB port, when the charging indicator shows a certain level.

Nitecore MH20


1.-Output of up to 1000 lumens.

2.-Cree XM-L2 U2 LED.

3.-Peak beam intensity of 12,500 cd.  

4.-Throw distance of up to 220.

5.- Micro USB port

6.-Maximum runtime of 235 hours


Using a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED the small G20 features a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a peak beam intensity of 12500 cd,also has a temperature regulation developed technology button, and a throw distance of 220 meters.

The intelligent charging module displays a small USB port which is used with a Li-ion battery (18650 battery that is not included in the package) and allows a quick recharge.

The light is made from aero grade aluminum alloy, anti-reflective coating and is waterproof.

Several brightness modes

Long Lasting battery

Modes are nicely spaced

Good run time


It doesn't include battery

Client Opinions:

Besides the good size ,brightness combination,the feature that is more frequently highlighted is the variety of modes that are availavle with this rechargeable flashlight and how easy is the use of them.

Streamlight Stinger


1.-Length 8.41

2.-Item Weight: 3.7 pounds

3.-Style 12V DC Charger

4.-Material: Aluminum

5.-Power Source: Rechargeable

6.-Type of Bulb: LED


This multi-purpose rechargeable flashlight has a C4 LED and is designed to be used in difficult weather conditions, especially law enforcement and outdoors. Water resistant and made from sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, the flashlight features a rubberized grip to prevent accidental slips.

The water resistant rating is shown as IPX4 and the product has been successfully tested for a 1 meter impact resistance.

It also has 3 modes(low.medium and high)that control the intensity of the beam.

Recognized for its durability

Water resistant


Comes only with a car charger

Clients opinion:

The most popular feature of this light is the powerful brightness that is produced by the product.

Stanley Fatmax SL10LEDS


1.-Item Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 11 inches

2.-Flashlight Weight: 2.05 pounds

3.-Bulb Type: LED

4.-Lumens: 2200

5.-Adaptors: Included

6.-Wattage: 10 watts


The Fatmax  SL10LEDS  can provide a powerful output of  2,200 lumens and  thanks to the 10W LED, can be run on low mode for 7 hours, and in high mode for 1 hour. The rugged pistol-grip of this spotlight make it pleasant to use, also the item comes with a lithium ion battery that only needs to be recharged once a year.

This spotlight also features a locking pivoting stand and a trigger lock to facilitate the free hands functioning.

The spotlight has 3 settings; 2200 Lumens, 920 Lumens, and Off.


Single handed operation

Light weight

Made of high quality ABS plastic material

Works at very long distance


As it is informed by the producers this spotlight is not designed to use it in heavy weather conditions and is not water proof

Clients Opinion:

The buyers in general liked this powerful a lot the spotlight  because its sturdiness,light weight and amazing brightness.

Some of them has complained that after using it in rough weather they have found water inside the flashlight.

The product has a Amazon review  rating of 4.1 over a 5 rating possible.


As you can see there are a wide variety of flashlight models when you look in to our reviews. We have taken the products that our experts thought that present the best flashlights features and the same time are the best rechargeable flashlights for the money.

Also here we have taken into account the best flashlight brands that are available in the market today.

The comprehensive reviews also show features,charts,pictures,videos,and lights comparison tables that highlight the most important characteristics that some products presents over the others.

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