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SureFire XC1 Super Compact LED Handgun FlashLight Review 2022


Specifications Of The SureFire XC2

  • Lumens: 200
  • Diameter Of The Bazel: 0.375 in.
  • Red laser: 5 mW/635 nm 
  • Runtime: 90 minutes 
  • Length: 2.375inches
  • Weight (battery included): 1.6 oz.
  • Shipping Package dimensions:  6 x 4 x 2.5 in.

XC1 Super Compact Features

  • Concealed-carry Use effective
  • Front-facing battery compartment
  • Sturdy aerospace aluminum body


The XC1 has a multifaceted reflector, which combined with its uniform spread output, and waterproof construction makes it an amazing light. Also the rugged built makes it easy to handle.

The mounts system is compatible with most of the systems that are generally used, and when talking about the battery it is an AAA unit that comes with the light.

Also, another great feature is the weight of the light, that with its lightness makes it really easy to handle and avoid the possibility of undesired instability when shooting the weapon. The mounts also feel secure and they keep static without any movement.

Even though it is a good value product, it is not cheap.


Overall is a great product, and the biggest drawback is its price. For starters, it is fair to say that you don’t really feel the weight of the light on the weapon. The paddle on each side of the trigger guard is designed to push it for momentary activation, which makes it really easy to do it with either hand.

The light is 200 lumen, but I remember when the 60-lumen flashlights were the maximum that you could get, so even though you can these days get more powerful lights, 200 lumens is a reasonable amount of power.

Another aspect is, that the product releases a quite wide beam, which has no hot spot, so if the intention is to illuminate wide areas, this item is very appropriate. Outdoor works well up to approximately 40 yards, and beyond that distance the flood beam doesn’t have enough power, making it useful for shorter range only.

Our opinion in general is pretty positive, and the only small issue is that the permanent switch is going to be a feature that will require a little practice to get used to it. AAA batteries are everywhere, therefore here is another advantage of the XC1, plus the fact that the battery compartment has an o-ring and is also threaded.

Also, we like that the light is strongly sealed, which makes it a real waterproof product.

Video-Unboxing The SureFire XC1 LED Handgun Light


With no doubts, we dare to point out that the size of the XC1 is the highlight of this product from Surefire. What really amazed us about its design, is that such a small and low weight light could release such a strong beam. If you have owned another light, and then you get the Surefire XC1 you will see what I mean.

There are many small weapon lights in the market, but without the power of the XC1, and you are going to find easily lights that are much powerful than this one, but normally will be heavier or bigger. The great deal about this light is the combination of its potent beam and how easy is to handle it.

The design is also of very short length, and with its compact battery compartment, contributes in a great manner to be the smallest of the catalog of lights from Surefire.

Another great idea from the engineers of Surefire is that you are able to change the battery of the light without removing it from the weapon.

SureFire XC1  Compact LED Light Switch System

They are easy to use, and when the user wants to trigger the momentary mode option, only has to place the support hand thumb on the top of either of the 2 rear switches and then push them down.

The mode can be activated by locating your hand thumb against the switch and then pressing forward until the switch toggles down. To undo the process is only necessary to remove the pressure from the momentary mode switch.

When persons want to use the constant mode, they just have to apply pressure using the support hand to impulse the center crossbar switch from side by side. To deactivate the mode only is necessary to undo the process.

Light Unique Features

Surefire XC1 Durability

Talking about sturdiness, it is right to say that the hard metal gives the light the necessary ruggedness for a light that will be used routinely, and its impact resistance is guaranteed by the stiff aerospace aluminum metal that is utilized in its construction. This material though is very robust, has the characteristic that is also very light, a feature that makes the performance of the light top notch.

The rugged metal of the light is covered by a mil-spec hard anodizing, which makes the lifetime of the product to be improved significantly by protecting the high strength aluminum from the effects of dust, scratches, and rust.

Sturdy Construction

XC1  Compact LED Light Performance

The assessment of the performance of these kinds of lights is directly related to close and long-distance target easy identification.

This light features a high-power LED circuit system that releases a significant 200 lumens of tactical beam, very bright, and a well-balanced output with a runtime of 90 minutes. Before the light output is released, it passes across its multifaceted reflector, which results in an evenly distributed beam called “MaxiVision Beam”.

The light also enables users to keep their awareness and identify easily close-range threats, due that it is fully optimized for human sight.

Frequent Asked Questions

Question: Which kind of rail will fit with this light?

Answer:  The SureFire XC1 can be easily and securely attached to most weapons that use a universal type of rail.

Question: Is the Surefire XC1 impact resistant?

Answer: One of the main features mentioned by Surefire, is the impact-resistant characteristic of the item.

Question: Does the XC1 have an output of 300 lumens?

Answer: The output of the XC1 is 200 lumens, if you want 300 lumens output, you should buy the XC1-b or the XC2 .

Question: Does the light have a strobe mode?

Answer: No strobe mode. It has only 2 modes, the momentary mode, and the constant mode.

SureFire XC1 Video Test

Buyers Opinion

Buyer 1:

I bought the XC1 to replace an X300, and fit much better on my weapon. Now I am thinking about buying another one to replace an older light. What I like about this light is that its size allows to fit very well with the frame of the gun, and unlike other bigger models of Surefire it only overhangs nearly a quarter of an inch over the end of it.

The design, finish, and materials are, as expected from Surefire, excellent, and no matter that the output is 200 lumens because the luminosity is more than enough for a product like this.

Buyer 2:

I liked it from the beginning, and the only thing that you need to take off is that the lens due that sometimes becomes blurred after constant use. This is not a big deal because you just have to wipe the lens regularly, and the problem is solved. I would recommend it for people that need that the pressure pads could be used from both sides of the light, and even though you have to push the button from the right side of the weapon, the use of the pads is simple.

Buyer 3:

Great light to use in a close range and personal defense too. The excellent beam that helps you to be focused on the whole scene. The fact that uses triple A batteries is an advantage over other products in this range of price, which runs exclusive sizes that are much more expensive. The ambidextrous design is practical for both, right and left-handed.

Conclusion Of The SureFire XC1 Super Compact LED Handgun Light Review

The great advantage of this light over similar products is that you are getting an output of 200 lumens from one AAA battery, which is a game-changer when you compare it to similar items. If you are interested in how bulky you feel this light, the good news is that you cannot even feel the weight of it when added to your pistol. Another great feature of the light is that it is possible to replace the battery from the front of the weapon, and it is not necessary to dismantle to do it

The price is a little steep, but considering that there is no alternative on the market when looking for a light this compact, we think that the Surefire XC1 is a great value for the money item.