SureFire M951 KIT02 Millennium WeaponLight Review 2022



Specifications Of The SureFire M951 KIT02

  • Usage time: 1 hour when using 65 Lumens and 20 minutes when using 120 Lumens
  • Maximum Power: 65 Lumens (120 lumens with P61 bulb)
  • Material: CNC aluminum
  • Light Type: Incandescent
  • Battery Two 3V Lithium CR123A batteries
  • Weight: 9.6 oz.
  • Shipping Package dimensions: 11 x 4.5 x 3 inch.

M951 KIT02 Features

  • Turbohead optional beam focusing at 2.5″
  • High output P60 bulb
  • Tactical XM07 tape and tail cap switches

The product is very light and its weight facilitates the operation of it. Also, the size is convenient and is easy to carry. Beyond that, the SureFire M951 is made from sturdy material and its luminosity is of a good level. The operation is simple enough and the switches are well located. Also, an aspect that we liked a lot is that the item is easy to mount and doesn’t require too much effort to get it ready to work.

We think that the light is definitely good value and even though that someone can consider the price a little steep, we consider that the money invested when buying the product is well spent.

These days can not compete with the M600


Some people don’t like lights that have too many modes, but we think that in this case, the XM07 tail cap switch is a feature that when we made our research to write our SureFire M951 KIT02, Millennium Universal WeaponLight System review,  let us realize why the products stand out from its competition. The fact that the switches work independently can be annoying for some users, but we really think that the  usability of them justify their existence.

Also, another aspect that impressed us positively, was the ability of the light to disable itself, preventing the item to be activated by accident.

We really advise that if the buyer wants to get a more powerful light beam, purchase a stronger bulb like the P60 that will make the beam 420 lumens and combined with the Turbohead will release a longer and tighter light beam.

Video-Using The SureFire M951 Tailcap Switch

Switch Features

Between the numerous types of switch alternatives that SureFire offers, is the tail cap, which allows us to push the switch in momentarily mode or either click it for a constant mode. It is also available the ability to add a remote switch that can be used with almost all the models of SureFire.

The pressure-activated tape and the push switch of the XM assembly, work autonomously and together with its waterproof capability make the product durable and efficient to use.

The two digits after the “XM” of the switch is the length of the cable measured in inches. The XM07 with its 7-inch cable operates with the majority of carbines and rifles app.


  • Disable switch feature
  • Click on/off ability
  • Remote tape switch plugin option
  • Pressure pad cable length:  7″ standard

SureFire M951 KIT02 Millennium Universal WeaponLight Design

Shoulder weapons displaying the Mil-Std 1913 rail interface from Picatinny, are the main target of the M951 KIT02. The item includes a thumbscrew mount to guarantee the easy and speedy removal or mounting procedure when it is needed.

Millennium Universal (MU) WeaponLights are intended to be used in tough field situations that require a sturdy and efficient tool that with its modular components helps to achieve success in the operations. The CNC housing combined with  Mil-Spec hard anodizing is the materials that take care of this, and the O-ring sealing looks after keeping humidity and dirt at bay.

All these features are complemented with its 65-lumen output which can be upgraded up to 120 lumens depending on the kind of bulb that is used.

Light’s Q&A

Question: How long is the battery life?

Answer: Depends on the use and the number of lumens utilized

Question: Which is the minimum size of a rail section for a keymod?

Answer: As a precaution, long one to be safe

Question: Does this product come with a remote pressure switch?

Answer: It depends on the seller.

Question: How is the light mounted on an m-lock rail?

Answer: It has two tightening screws on it.

Question: What diameter filter does it take?

Answer: 1.5″

SureFire M951 vs M952

Turbohead Option and Prefocused Beams

The Light it’s already perfectly prefocused, and there is no need to twist the bezel to modify the beam. Reflectors and lights are independently paired and manually adjusted to within .005″ for optimum beam quality at all distances. The Turbohead option is designed to release a beam that is longer than the beam released when using the regular option.

Manual And Battery Of The SureFire M951 KIT02

The company has released many new products and unfortunately even though the manual comes within the shipping of the product, the owner’s manual is not easily available on the internet. Regarding the batteries, the M951 uses 2 (SureFire 123) Lithium batteries, that are not included and should be replaced at regular periods of time.

Buyers Opinions

The customers mostly have a positive opinion about the M951, and one of the features that many buyers like is the switch system that allows using permanent or momentary mode. Also, the fact that the item is not a heavy one is highlighted by several clients.

On the flip side, some people say that the light is a little bulky for these kinds of products.

Some persons complained about the lack of luminosity, an issue that can be resolved by replacing the provided bulb with a more powerful.

Talking about the price the general opinion is that even though the price of the product is in some way steep, in the long run, the product seems like a good value for the money item.

The aesthetic side of the light is another factor that is commented on in the client’s reviews, basically saying that the product is visually attractive and some of them even choose it because of it.

SureFire M951 KIT02, Millennium Universal WeaponLight System Review Final thoughts

This light is a sophisticated piece of technology designed for serious users and not intended to be used in gaming activities. Even the item presents an ITAR notice about the prohibition of export the product without a license given by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls. In summary, if you want to get a light that is sturdy and efficient in doing this job, the product is adequate, but to be honest, nowadays SureFire has products that for the same kinds of features represent better value.