Streamlight TLR-1 HL

The impressive Streamlight  TLR-1 HL has as a main featured, that is a tactical light,  designed to be mounted on a weapon producing an amazing 800 lumens powerful shot of light at its best. The wide covering of the illumination allows that the users can utilize it for sophisticated tactical operations giving to their weapons an extra piece to help them in their more complex tasks.

The latest advances in shock-proof power LED technology have been updated in this compact and lightweight. The high lumen lithium battery allows 1.75 hours of non-stop usage.

A secured door helps the battery to stay safe, also allowing to replace it without hassle.The TLR-1HL also include a rail clamp to efficiently attach it to a weapon.

The black anodized look of the case I just one of the awesome characteristic of this light, that with the 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum raw material makes it almost indestructible. Another great material used in this rechargeable flashlight is the Boro Float glass, which with its impact resistant capacity gives an extra value to the quality of the lens. Also comes with an ambidextrous facility that allows switching it on and off either permanently or momentarily. The producers also guarantee a concentrated beam that presents the best peripheral radiance, which is produced by a powerful plate reflector. Also is known that the Streamlight tlr-1 hl supports a wide variety of brands and weapons. The lifetime of the flashlight is of 50000 and the peak of the beam intensity is of 12000 candelas with consistent illumination assured. The impact resilient assembly has been profusely proved; the item can be used under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, and also is able to be utilized between minus 40 and 40 Fahrenheit degrees. Pros:
  • The flashlight allows starting the flashlight and the strobe without having to use the trigger finger.
  • The light is perfectly located between trigger and the supports.
  • Easy to install and can be tighten utilizing the fingers
  • Sometimes the remote gets broken because the numerous installations.
Buyer’s opinions The customers seems very happy with this light, not only because its incredible sturdiness but also because it is very practical and easy to manipulate with no mayor effort needed to switch it on and off. The installation is very simple too and many owners of the flashlights have said that it is compatible with many weapons brands and models. Another people had the opinion that the level of brightness was good enough, and taking into account the price vs quality relation, the flashlight represents a very good value item. Verdict The Streamlight TLR-1 HL, without a doubt is an excellent product, which is not only guaranteed because the prestige of the producer and brand, but also has been utilized for many years by experienced law enforcement officials, that continue updating their flashlight stock with all of the new models of the TLR-1 . Sturdiness, luminosity, and maneuverability are guaranteed with this light which also with its light weight and compact size, make it a great deal. The brand also have many products that can be used and trusted in the law enforcement tasks.

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