Solaray Pro ZX-1 Review 2022

The general response you get when asking people about their flashlights is that “they never work when you need them.” This is due too many things from a flat battery to loose wires or a faulty globe. That is why when you are in the market for a flashlight you do some thorough research into the flashlight that best suits your needs.We look at many models and found that the Solaray pro zx-1 filled all the requirements needed for a great flashlight. Not only did it perform perfectly but it is built for durability as well as making.The reason for buying a flashlight in the first place is for illumination. The Solaray pro zx-1 offer a very bright light for the darkest moments. It is fitted with a Cree super-silicon carbide, single-die, XM-L LED chip which offers extra bright light that is designed to reach as far as 150ft in a dark area.Added to the bright light is a focusing feature. You are able to zoom the light in or out for short or long-distance visuals in the dark.

Functions Of The ZX 1

Solaray pro zx-1 offers various modes depending on what is required at the time. The modes range from low, medium and high beam and also include an SOS beam for notifying and alerting an emergency situation.

Durability and Applications

The Solaray pro zx-1 is built for durability. The casing is made of airforce grade aluminum which allows the flashlight to take quite a battering and still perform perfectly. The flashlight is also completely waterproof as well. These two features make a perfect combination to allow this flashlight to be used for many different situations and for safe transportation.

The flashlight has an adonized finish and is also anti-corrosion and well insulated.

The Flashlight is attached to a durable lanyard for ease of carrying and prevention from dropping. Also included is a belt clip.

This flashlight is perfect for home use, outdoor night time activities, as well as for professional use such as sea rescue, security teams, law enforcement, medical emergency units. In fact, any profession where there could be night work involved.

ZX 1 Battery and Charger

The light comes with a 18650 3.7V Batteries, which is included or you can switch to 3 x AAA Batteries which you will have to buy yourself.

The light also comes with a Lithium Ion rapid battery charger.

The light is designed to last for about 12 hours which makes it perfect for a situation where the electricity has gone out, or you are having a campout.


It is safe to say that the Solaray pro zx-1 offers a complete package regarding what is on the market for flashlights. It is well designed, durable, waterproof and provides the best light we have seen on any other flashlight we tested.

The fact that you could use it to alert someone if there was an emergency and there is a beam that can stun potential attackers sealed the deal as a possible self-defense tool.