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Best Osprey Scope Reviews 2022

When we talk about Osprey Global we are talking about an international leader in the production of premium hunting and weapon accessories. Osprey scopes are recognized for its cutting-edge quality and its novel design.

The sniper accessory kits have been tested profusely by the US military, being a guarantee that the excellent performance that can be achieved when hunting and gaming.

The riflescope line that is located in China uses Hoya glass imported from Japan, and all bonding applications are made from loc-tite two-part epoxies and hermetic grease that comes from the USA.

Test performed on the products include shock to 50BMG parameters, water-resistance, and fog proofing. The glass lenses used in the manufacturing of the scopes is multi-coated and shows etched reticles.

Finally, the balance that is one of the most important factors in a scope, is guaranteed by the spin centered technique that is used in it.

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1. Best Overall – Osprey Global Tactical 4-16X50 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Mil Dot Glass Reticle

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The TACTICAL 4-16X50 MDG from Osprey is remarkable for its accuracy and is made from Hoya glass, which is coated with multiple layers of resistant materials.

The elegant black matte finish gives it to it a sophisticated look which combined with the multi illumination feature, makes this Osprey scope an excellent value item.

The magnification is another characteristic that we liked because when it is used in long-range performs in an outstanding manner.

Finally, we think that it would worth mentioning the reticle, which makes this scope a model that is completely singular for people that appreciate quality optics.


  • Length: 13.82 in.
  • Weight: 23.4 oz.
  • Tube diameter: 30 mm
  • Objective: 50mm
  • Eye Relief: 5.9″-3.14″
  • MOA: 1/8″
  • Magnification: 4-16


  • Finish Color: Matte black
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Illumination: Blue, red, green
  • Reticle: Mildot/rangefinder

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2. Cheapest Pick – Osprey Global Scopes 725 Compact 3-9X42 with Rangfinder Reticle

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This scope can be used for close and long-range, keeping its eye relief and high performance intact. Also, the product is compatible with any rifle that has a picatinny rail on it.

The lightweight and compact size assure you that your target will be acquired timely, and the effective illumination will give you a clear view of the objective.

Humidity is not an issue, because the premium construction materials are anti frog and waterproof.

Several Low enforcement officials have remarked the good value of the scope putting emphasis on the quality of it.


  • Objective diameter: 42 mm
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Magnification: 3-9
  • Eye Relief: 4.91″-8.85″
  • Length: 8.87 in.
  • MOA: 1/2
  • Battery:  CR2032 (1)


        • Water Proof
        • Fog Proof
        • Shock Proof
        • Illuminated Mil-Dot
        • Dust Covers and Ring Mounts Included
        • Range Finding Glass Reticle
        • Lifetime Warranty
        • Finish color: Matte Black

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        3. Best Quality – Osprey Global Elite Series 4-16×56 Mil Dot Glass Etched Lit Reticle

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        Hoya glass is also present in the production of this scope, and sincerely the scope is not easy to review, because beyond that this item has the longest eye relief of the entire Osprey of this type, the product is quite similar to other models.

        A good thing is the inclusion of the dust covers and rings in the package, and that the usual quality of the products made by Osprey is also present.

        The product is waterproof and antifog, which is important to protect the parts of these kinds of items.

        The battery is the usual CR2032 that the Ospreys scopes use.


        • Length: 12.6 in.
        • Weight: 27.2 oz.
        • Tube diameter: 30 mm
        • Objective: 50mm
        • Eye Relief: 3.66″-3.35″
        • MOA: 1/4″
        • Magnification: 4-16


        • Finish Color: Matte black
        • Battery Type: CR2032
        • Elevation/Windage Adjustment: 35″
        • Parallax (yards): 10yds
        • Reticle Image Plane: Mil line

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        Which Types of Scopes Exist Today?

        Traditionally scopes are sorted according to their objective diameter, and also by their level of optical magnification. The diameter of the objective is directly related to exit pupil, and the ability of bigger lenses to capture a bigger amount of light results in brighter images.

        There are 2 kinds of magnification; fixed and variable magnification. In the first one, as its name implies, the magnification cannot be changed, and its selection must be done regarding the use that the person wants to give to the scope. In variable magnification, the items comes with a zoom capability that can be managed to achieve the desired level of it. The advantage of the use of variable magnification scopes is that the user can setup the parameters according to the present external conditions or requirements, like luminosity, actual range or the specific target.

        Osprey Scopes Reticles

        To understand the different types of reticles that Osprey scopes display is a good idea to learn about the reticle itself.

        The variety of different reticles is wide, and you can find from the traditional crosshairs to more sophisticated, which are thought to help the shooter to calculate correctly the distance to a target, and also to compensate for the bullet drop, and the windage required as a result of the crosswinds.

        Ranges can be estimated accurately for known target sizes through proportionality calculations.

        The main types of reticles are:

        • Etched reticles
        • Wire reticles

        The oldest types of reticles are the wire ones and normally were built from thread or metal wire.

        They are mounted in the sight tube of the scope in the optimal optic position.

        Etched reticles are designs of a preferred reticle layout with images that constitute an incorporated part of the optics chain of the sight that is etched on the lens of the scope.

        After the design and production of the layout, the lens with this etched reticle is mounted in the sight to achieve the measurement feature that is needed in scopes sights

        Final Thoughts On The Best Osprey Scopes

        Osprey optic products are of outstanding quality, and the materials used in its products are top-notch.

        Good value is the best word that you could use to describe them, and normally buyers have very little complaints about the Company’s products.

        In this article we just showed only a limited amount of them, and if you research deeply, you’re going to find more items that are worth having a look at.

        We hope that we have been helpful in the search for the best Osprey scope!