Nitecore P12GT Review 2022

Nowadays, you will hardly come across any person who does not require a flashlight. Although it is possible to use the one that comes along with your smartphone, nothing can beat a bright and dependable flashlight that you can use in the dark. At present, a wide array of flashlight models is available on the market and many of these are quite compact and affordable as well. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned an in-depth review of one such flashlight, namely the astounding Nitecore P12GT Tactical Flashlight.

This amazing product from Nitecore is actually an upgrade to its well-known P12 predecessor. The P12GT has a capacity of offering 100 additional yards of throw so as to reach a breathtaking 350 yards.

This version likewise makes use of a revolutionary CREE XP-L LED that has two times more intensity as compared to the XM-L2 LED which was utilized in the P12.It will be possible to switch on your light temporarily with the help of a tactical tail cap, or you can even use it for constant illumination. Furthermore, a useful side switch will allow you to adjust the brightness levels easily along with special modes of SOS, strobe, or beacon. Moreover, the switch is going to blink so as to indicate the remaining battery voltage which will help you to avoid getting caught without any power.

This upgrade likewise comes with a remarkable strike-ready bezel encircling the head of the light which offers enhanced protection plus emergency preparedness as well.

With a weight of only a bit more than 3 ounces, the Nitecore P12GT can be taken just about anywhere in either your pocket or your backpack. This flashlight is appropriate for various uses including military, camping, hiking, law enforcement, security, searching, or anything that entails a lot of luminosity plus beam throw.


1. Comes with a tail cap switch along with a side switch.

2. Offers 4 different levels of brightness including high (1000 lumens),

medium (280 lumens), low (55 lumens) and moonlight (1 lumen).

3. Comes with 3 specialty modes including SOS, strobe, and beacon.

4. Makes use of an innovative CREE XP-L HI V3 LED along with an optimum output of 1000 lumens plus an optimal beam distance of 320 m.

5. Side switch can also function as a power indicator which will allow the user to be aware of the battery voltage along with power levels.

6. Is compatible with a single 18650 battery or a couple of CR123 batteries.

7. Offers reverse polarity protection.

8. Made from a top-quality aluminum alloy which happens to be aircraft-grade.

9. Waterproof.

10. Comes with a lucrative 5-year warranty.

Accessories Included:

1. Lanyard

2. Tactical ring

3. Holster

4. Spare rubber tail cap

5. A couple of spare o-rings


1. Comes with as many as 4 light modes.

2. Energy efficient.

3. Can easily be used in inclement weather conditions.

4. A runtime of 520 hours.

5. Waterproof.

The Verdict:

Thus, after going through the above-mentioned facts, it must now be evident that this incredible Nitecore P12Gt is definitely worth its cost. It will come of use for various purposes including camping, hiking, military, searching, and so forth. This flashlight has the ability to produce an intensely bright light which can easily light up a huge area. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that the Nitecore P12Gt is going to be ideal for anyone who is looking for a durable as well as reliable 1000 lumens flashlight.