InForce APLc Compact WML Weapon Mounted White Light 2022

The InForce APLc Compact WML Weapon Mounted White Light For Glock Auto Pistol 200 Lumens Black ACG-05-1 is an item that is mostly designed to be attached to the Glock pistols and with its 200 lumens of powerful luminosity the light can identify targets that are in the short and medium range. Also besides that, the glass used is of reinforced sturdiness, the product is water-resistant. 

Even though this product is not a rechargeable flashlight its luminosity and the reliability of the grip is guaranteed by the rough paddles that together with its extremely lightweight, are going to help to get safe maneuvering of the item.

Another remarkable and useful feature that this light shows, is the ability to be enabled using any of both hands, giving to the user the freedom to utilize the unused hand for another alternative task required for some kind of special situation.

Durable externally and internally, the APLc Compact is a new product from INFORCE that with a runtime of one and a half hour and an ultra-lightweight, gives you a beam that is able to illuminate targets that are at medium or close distance. The body is less than 2 ounces in weight, and its strong reinforced polymer body is resistant enough to face intense use.

The sellers say that the product has been tested profusely to accommodate most of the Glock pistols models.

Ambidextrous switches allow handling the product from both sides making the operation of the momentary and constant modes easy and simple for the users.

Nonslip paddles help to get a safe grip on the light, which combined with the lockout mechanism contributes to give the user the assurance that the device will be activated in the right way and moment.

The Light uses a Lithium CR2 battery which according to the sellers is included with the product.

Buyers opinion

Clients look satisfied with the InForce APLc Compact WML Weapon Mounted White Light For Glock Auto Pistol 200 Lumens Black ACG-05-1, with the exception that some buyers that have issues with a supplier. Most of the persons that have bought this product are really impressed with the quality of it. The beam is tight and strong, and like the information is given says, the product is useful in the short and medium range. The sturdiness of the item is more than satisfactory and will last for several years. The light is a treat for the people that like Glock pistols, as the lights accommodate most of the models of the brand.


The products are an adequate light to use with most of the models of the Glock pistols, and its compact and light design make the owners of the item get an easy to manipulate tool for their intended use. Used for home defense or by law enforcement officials this INFORCE light mostly satisfies the necessities of the majority of the buyers. Like the sellers recommend using it for mid-range to short distance is the right way to utilize it, and with its reliable grip and powerful 200 lumens beam the product achieves the goals for which was intended to do.