Unertl Optical Company Snipers Scopes

How to identify a Unertl Scope These days these scopes are mostly a collectionist interest, but many people that like weapons and its accessories would enjoy to be the owner of one of these classic pieces. A good place to find them is ebay, and also they are available in several online retailers that specialize on weaponry. J Unertl Scope Serial Numbers Information about the serial numbers is very difficult to find, and we think a good source source about many things regarding Unertl scopes Read more [...]

SureFire XC1 Super Compact LED Handgun Light Review

  Where To Buy It         Amazon     Editors Rating     Buyers Rating   Value For The Money   SureFire XC1 Super Compact LED Handgun Light Review Specifications Of The SureFire XC2 Lumens: 200 Diameter Of The Bazel: 0.375 in. Red laser: 5 mW/635 nm  Runtime: 90 minutes  Lenghth: 2.375inches Weight (battery included): 1.6 oz. Shipping Package dimensions:  6 x 4 x 2.5 in. XC1 Super Compact Features Concealed-carry Use effective Front-facing Battery Read more [...]

SureFire M300 Scout Mini Light Compact LED Weapon Light (Black) Review

Where To Buy It         Amazon     Editors Rating     Buyers Rating   Value For The Money   Video-Surefire Scout On Target Specifications Of The SureFire M300 Scout Mini Light Light type: White LED Lumens: 500 Runtime: up to 1 hour Length: 4.1 in. Bezel Diameter: 1.125 in. Weight: 4.1 oz. batteries included. Battery: 123A Mount: Picatinny/Weaver Scout M300 Features Hard anodized aluminum body construction material TIR lens Momentary/constant-on push button Read more [...]

SureFire Tactician Carry Light Led Tactical Flashlight Review

Where To Buy It         Amazon     Editors Rating     Buyers Rating     Value For The Money   SureFire Tactician Carry Light Led Tactical Flashlight Review Specifications Of The SureFire Tactician Flashlight Light type: White Bezel diameter: 1 in. Length: 5 inches Usage time:           90 minutes when the output are 800 Lumens           94 hours when the output are 5 Lumens Weight: 3.5 oz. with batteries.The Flashlight uses 2 CR123A What is in the Read more [...]

InForce APLc Compact WML Weapon Mounted White Light

The InForce APLc Compact WML Weapon Mounted White Light For Glock Auto Pistol 200 Lumens Black ACG-05-1 is an item that is mostly designed to be attached to the Glock pistols and with its 200 lumens of powerful luminosity the light can identify targets that are in short and medium range. Also beside that the glass used is of reinforced sturdiness, the product is water resistant.  Even though this product is not a rechargeable flashlight its limonosity and the reliability of the grip is guaranteed Read more [...]

Anker Bolder LC90 2-Cell Rechargeable Flashlight

This product is produced by a company named Anker. The company came into existence about a decade ago and since that time, they have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the IT industry. The company is a conglomerate of 5 brands that produce in different aspects of technology. The company is known for its production of powerful power banks and rechargeable batteries. The Anker bolder flashlight is one of their exceptional innovations, it is a very powerful rechargeable flashlight with Read more [...]

Fenix PD32

The brightest rechargeable flashlight is a necessary accessory to have for emergencies and excursions. The market is flooded with substandard models which often do not function as advertised leaving buyers disappointed. Worse is that a good model is often too expensive, and customers lose value for their money in the end. To get a good model, eliminating hundreds of other models to remain with the right one is vital. However, before settling down on one, take a closer look at the Fenix PD32 .The Read more [...]

Streamlight TLR-1 HL

The impressive Streamlight  TLR-1 HL has as a main featured, that is a tactical light,  designed to be mounted on a weapon producing an amazing 800 lumens powerful shot of light at its best. The wide covering of the illumination allows that the users can utilize it for sophisticated tactical operations giving to their weapons an extra piece to help them in their more complex tasks. The latest advances in shock-proof power LED technology have been updated in this compact and lightweight. Read more [...]

Nitecore P12GT Review

Nowadays, you will hardly come across any person who does not require a flashlight. Although it is possible to use the one that comes along with your smartphone, nothing can beat a bright and dependable flashlight that you can use in the dark. At present, a wide array of flashlight models is available on the market and many of these are quite compact and affordable as well. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned an in-depth review of one such flashlight, namely the astounding Nitecore Read more [...]

Solaray pro zx 1

The general response you get when asking people about their flashlights is that “they never work when you need them.” This is due too many things from a flat battery to loose wires or a faulty globe. That is why when you are in the market for a flashlight you do some thorough research into the flashlight that best suits your needs.We look at many models and found that the Solaray pro zx-1 filled all the requirements needed for a great flashlight. Not only did it perform perfectly but it Read more [...]