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Best Flashlight Brands 2022

In a broad and sophisticated market like the tactical flashlights sometimes is not easy to know who are the goods and the bad, and that’s why we have prepared a summary of containing our expert’s opinion on which are the best flashlight brands.


Nitecore is a brand that produces a variety of LED flashlights. Some of their products include hunting, tactical, rechargeable, and everyday carry flashlights, giving you a nice number of choices. Nitecore provides retail and wholesale and can be found in many outlets and online sellers being the best example the giant of the retail “Amazon”

Under the categories of flashlights mentioned above, there are different types of lights offered by Nitecore. They include keychain, bike lights, precise, explorer, headlamps, and other many models of flashlights.

Nitecore shows many outstanding features in his products like digitized regulation,  multiple control modes, precise reflectors and most of the items are waterproof.


Another alternative when talking about good quality flashlights is Solaray, which has more than 34 years of experience in the lighting industry, and as a result, they have come out with an array of products that anybody should consider as a nice alternative.

Some of their models include the  ZX-2XL LED, ZX-1, ZX-2, and mini Pro-1 LED flashlight. The lights can be used in different settings or situations. Some are designed to be used in the night time and others in indoor environments. Some of the advantages of the  Solaray brand of flashlights their models are rechargeable and highly portable. They can be carried anywhere in a small purse and the items come at affordable prices.




These flashlights are by Klarus Lighting and Technology Co. Ltd has more than 18 years of experience in the lighting industry. The company has an innovative team that gives quality flashlight models frequently.

Some of the models produced by this company include the: 360X, R, SD, HL, CL, MI, BK, and other series that can meet your needs of most of the buyers. The flashlights can be used for hunting, diving, camping, rescue as well as military expeditions.

Due to their superior quality, these brands have caught a wide market in Asia, Africa, the Us, and the EU. The company gives you an exemplary after-sale service once you buy their flashlights.


The Streamlight products are are made by Streamlight Company which is based in the US. The company manufacture flashlights that are rechargeable and also items that rely on batteries that are disposable.

Some of the features of the flashlights made by the company include USB rechargeable, hands-free, light for a cause, ultra-violet, portable power, outdoor adventures, tactical among other types. The flashlights come ion series like the stylus, sidewinder, protect, tactical gun mount, dualie, and stinger between others.

Their flashlights come in different colors which can satisfy most of the interested.



Anker Bolder

Anker Bolder is one of the best flashlight brands on our list today. They make you flashlights that can use cells and be rechargeable at the same time.

Some of the flashlights by this brand include BolderLC40, Ultra Bright Tactical, Bolder LC90-2 cell and Fenix PD35 TAC 1000, and many others. These flashlights can be used for various purposes like camping, cycling, and hiking.

The best thing about this brand is that their flashlights also come in pocket sizes and can be zoomed. They are also waterproof and therefore you don’t have to fear water when using them.