Anker Bolder LC90 2-Cell Rechargeable Flashlight

This product is produced by a company named Anker. The company came into existence about a decade ago and since that time, they have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the IT industry. The company is a conglomerate of 5 brands that produce in different aspects of technology. The company is known for its production of powerful power banks and rechargeable batteries. The Anker bolder flashlight is one of their exceptional innovations, it is a very powerful rechargeable flashlight with some very exceptional features. It was first made available on August 25, 2017. Some features are:

Battery: its battery lasts for up to 12 hours without diminishing when charged fully. It is difficult to find flashlights that can be kept on for such a long time. It comes with a 6700mAh battery strength which makes it quite easy for it to store power.

The lifespan of this flashlight is said to be around 50000 hours. It has a single button for the on and off controls and contains powerful technologies that prevent overcharging and undercharging. It comes with a 2 cell battery which makes it last longer. Brightness: the flashlight is very bright and can shine as far as 200m. A user can interchange between the high medium and low options. It also has zoom settings for the light.

Water-resistant: this flashlight has an aluminum body which makes it very resistant to rain, it has been designed to endure most weathers. It is also shock-resistant and can withstand minor pressure on it.

The product comes with an 18-month warranty. A welcome guide, a powerful Anker mini USB cable, and the LC90 flashlight with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. It also has a high visibility strobe option and an emergency SOS

Safety points

The manufacturers recommend recharging after every 11hours of use.

Do not point the flashlight directly in anyone’s face. Especially people with photosensitive epilepsy

Read the manual properly before you start using

You should not charge above 7V

Customer review

The product comes with a lot of positive reviews which includes its quick charging capabilities and its compact nature, it can easily be slipped into your pocket due to its size without too much bulk or weight. It is a very big improvement from the single-cell Anker flashlight which doesn’t last as long. The company has great customer support that attends to complaints promptly. Its strong metal quality also makes it able to withstand falls and hits.

Its brightness is very impressive which got a lot of customers positive reviews

It also has a lot of positive reviews from the use by cops, it’s trustworthiness makes it one of the best lighting options on a moonless night.

While some customers have complained that some of the product had issues, they were promptly attended to when they complained. About 86% of customers said they got exactly what they wanted and the product matched their expectations

It can also be used for hiking, camping

Anker products have always brought smiles to people’s faces in all their years of existence and this product is no exception.