How to Choose The Best Scope for 17 HMR Rifles 2022

Before starting to elaborate on what is the best scope for 17 HMR Rifles, let’s talk about the 17 HMR itself. The Hornady Magnum Rimfire is a descendent of the 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, and was released in 2002 as a result of a combined effort from Ruger, Hornady, and Marlin.

Between the upgrades that can be seen in this riffle are for example; Provides a more even course which results in an enhanced precision capability. Beyond that, this rifle is recognized for its fast focus and farther range.

That being said, if you want to really get the best from the product, we strongly recommend getting a top of the line 17 HMR scope, which will allow you to improve even more the precision capacity, converting your weapon into a premium one.

Below we have put together an array of 17 HMR scopes that we think are great value items considering quality and price.

Important Considerations About a Premium Scopes for 17 HMR

Obviously the most important feature in a top of the line scope for 17 HMR is the magnification standard, especially when your objective is of small size.

Then we think that the quality of the raw materials is paramount when evaluating a scope, and if you want to get an item that shows a long lifespan, you probably should get products made from stainless steel or aerospace-grade aluminum. This will help you to keep your scope in good condition, no matter how heavy is the use that you are giving to it.

Beyond that, the quality of light transmission and the diameter of the lens are also very important, singularly the last, which is really helpful when hunting in precarious lighting circumstances. Multicoated lenses are also great to counteract the harmful effect of abrasion.

Good quality tactical scopes for 17 HMR, are normally fog resistant, meaning that independently of the current weather the sight will be neat at all times.

What to Watch When Looking For a 17 HMR Scope

To understand which are the features that make a 17 HMR scope good or bad is useful to analyze them individually to get a better grasp at the moment to choose the article. Surely, every single person will have their own preferences, but below we present a shortlist of the factors that we think that should be taken into account when purchasing the best of these kinds of scopes.

Magnification of The Scope

Magnification gives you not only an advantage regarding the positioning when hunting, but also allows you to view precisely which area of the subject you want to target.

The amount of magnification is more a matter of preference, but some consensus can be reached when talking about some parameters. Generally speaking, we would say that a range from 3-9x to 4-16x should be appropriate for most of the hunters, but for more demanding kinds of gaming, 9-14x will be accurate enough.

Scopes Coatings

An effective magnification feature needs high-grade glass and lens coating to enhance the image and light transmission quality. Beyond that, premium coating contributes to avoiding the worn-out of the scope making scratches less frequent, and also the water-resistant capability is enhanced by the application of these top-quality coatings.


The crosshairs located at the center of the scope are called reticle in weaponry jargon, and its function is to improve the capacity of finding an accurate objective position and guide to the trajectory in which the bullet is intended to go.

Reticles like BDC are popular, and there is a variety of alternatives that interested can choose from like as an example; duplex, ballistic, mil-dot, tremor, and several more. Again personal preferences play an important role and the right reticle will be the one with which the user feels more comfortable.


If you are planning to buy a good scope for the 17 HMR, it is better to analyze the different types o guarantees that the product comes with. This is important because never mind how reliable is the producer, there always some products that come with some issues.

Guaranties are varied, and which is the right one depends on what is the goal that you want to achieve with it. Many of these warranties are limited and are useful to read carefully about what is really covered by it.


Considering the amount of money that you will need to buy a good scope, it makes sense that you look for a product that displays sturdy construction materials and good workmanship. The idea when purchasing these items is that the lifespan of them be several years, avoiding the possibility of irreversible damage that could force you to make a new purchase meant like often happens when buying cheaper disposable articles.

Durable scopes must be able to resist rough weather conditions, tough field circumstances and also be shocked and knock resistant.

Scope Adjustable Knobs

The adjustable knobs are design to be used according to the elevation and windage estimate that the user wants to apply. These can be achieved by moving the crosshair left or right and up or down in order to observe the direction of the bullet drop when shooting a target that is at a major distance.

Any serious hunter look for these kind of knobs or turrets when thinking about to buy a new scope for 17 HMR.

How Strong a Scope Needs to be for a 17 HMR?

A powerful scope for the 17 HMR will be incredibly helpful to enhance you hunting adventures, and in reality this means that you will need at least a 40mm lens and also BDC reticles. Besides, magnification is a basic element to make your hunting experience worth it, and at the very least you will need 9x, and if it is possible avoid scopes that come with only fixed magnification.

What is the Best Scope for 17 HMR Rifles

This is our compilation of the top notch scopes for 17 HMR that can be found these days. Mostly we have chosen the best quality products, bu also we have reviewed some items that are more budget friendly, for people that don’t want spend a great amount of money in their new scope.

Bushnell Engage Rifle 30 mm Scopes  4-16×44 Review




  • EYE RELIEF: 3.6 in.

  • TUBE DIAMETER: 30 mm

  • LENGTH: 14.0IN / 355.6 mm

  • WEIGHT: 20.1 oz.



        For starters let’s say that the quality of the glass on the Bushnell Engage is great and releases a crisp and brilliant image. Also the quality of the adjusting knobs gives you a remarkable and reliable feeling when touched. For us, this factor is important because it is really annoying when you get a scope that have top notch glass but also comes with bad turrets.

        Also considering that most of the scopes in this price range are not premium quality, we would say that the Bushnell Engage Rifle 30 mm Scope is an excellent value product.

        Besides, the prestigious of the company somehow gives you confidence that the scope will show at least a decent performance, adding to that the reliability of their warranty, and quality customer service.

        The development that Bushnell has experienced in its history can be seen easily in the quality of some of the Engage features like; The thin Deploy MOA reticle that is compatible with multiple calibers and doesn’t obstructs the view of the objective, the 1-MOA windage and elevation hashmarks, and the Tooless Zero Reset Locking Turret.

        Also the ample customization of the magnification range that the scope comes with, is a significant advantage when compared with items that displays similar prices.

        To obtain neat and full contrast images, the glass of the lens is coated with several layer of anti reflective coating and also is useful to know that this high quality protective lens coating molecularly bonds to the glass to resist the effect of humidity, dust and debris avoiding damaging scratches.

        Nikon P-Tactical 22 Rimfire Scope 2-7X32 BDC150


        • MAGNIFICATION: 27x

        • TUBE DIAMETER: 1 in.

        • OBJECTIVE DIAMETER: 30 mm.

        • LENGTH: 11.5 in.

        • WEIGHT: 16.2 oz.


              • MATTE FINISH
              • WATERPROOF
              • ELEVATED WINDAGE
              • CONSTANT EYE RELIEF

              This is other great scope that without brake your bank gives you premium performance.  The product not only shows good results in appropriate light conditions but also works very well in low light situations.

              Even though hunters are not so interested in the aesthetical aspects of their scopes, this item is beautifully designed without interfering with the technical performance of it.

              The Nikon P-Tactical Rimfire Scope 2-7X32 BDC150 comes with a nice reticle that doesn’t interfere with the vision of the target. The item is sturdy, and easy to use, even though the markings are not neat enough for people that don’ have perfect sight.

              Talking about value, the scope worth every penny, and considering the great prestige of the brand, it is not easy to spend this amount of money on such a good quality product.

              One of the aspects that we like of the scope is that no matter the weapon in which will be used, the zoom ratio is versatile enough to appreciate clearly the details in long-distance, and if it is used in short-range the field of view is great.

              Other highlight that worth mentioning is that the P-Tactical Rimfire from Nikon is fully constructed using aircraft quality aluminum, meaning that turrets, eyepiece control, and zoom ring are strong enough to resist heavy use. Beyond that is important to remark that this material is also water, shock, and fog-resistant.

              Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9×40 BDC Review


              • MAGNIFICATION: 39x
              • TUBE DIAMETER: 1 in.
              • EYE RELIEF: 3.63.6 in.
              • FIELD OF VIEW:  11.333.8 ft@ 100 yds.


                • NIKON’S BDC RETICLE

                • 100 YARDS CLICK ADJUSTMENTS

                The Buckmasters II 3-9×40 BDC is especially good in low light, and as the majority of the scopes made by the company, the glass that is used in the lens is multicoated making its performance remarkable. Also managing the parameters, like the BDC dots is simple and quick, resulting in an easier zero in, thanks to the neat view of the reticle. Also, the fact that the surface of the glass has been coated with several layers of anti-reflective compounds results in the release of significantly clear and bright images, due to the best possible light transmission from in any lighting condition.

                This model from the Nikon Bushmasters series is a good performer and affordable product. Considering that the warranty of Nikon is particularly good, and the quality of the manufacturing is so good, we definitely think that if you purchase the item, you will feel like your money has been well spent.  Also is useful to know that the scope is sturdy enough, and will resist a good deal of rough use.

                Finally, Nikon offers No-Fault Repair/Replacement for most of their products like; rangefinders binoculars, binoculars, scope mounts, field scopes, and of course riflescopes.

                Hawke Sports Optics Scopes Riflescope Vantage IR Reviews


                • MAGNIFICATION RANGE: 4-12×
                • FIELD OF VIEW: m @100m / ft @100yds8.7 – 2.9m / 26.2 – 8.7ft
                • EYE RELIEF: 3.5 in.
                • OBJECTIVE: 40 mm


                      • 11 LAYER MULTICOATED OPTICS
                      • 5 LEVELS OF BRIGHTNESS
                      • FAST FOCUS EYEBELL

                      We think that one of the highlights of this scope is the windage, which combined with the elevation customization gives you confidence in the shoot that you are executing. Also, the price is appropriate when comparing with similar magnification products. That being said, the quality that is used in the manufacturing of the lens is hard to find in this price range.

                      Another feature that is not common to find, is the illuminated mil-dot reticle, which helps you significantly when you are trying to target dark objects in low light situations. The feature can also be customized for different grades of luminosity or simply shut it off completely. The scope displays a programmable ballistic reticle that is especially thought to be used with the 17 HMR calibers, and the aim points are specifically calculated for it, which helps significantly the accuracy of the Zero execution.

                      Also it is a fact that the light transmission of the scope is very efficient and the objective retrieves massive light. The image also looks neat and crispy, avoiding blur in the boundaries and also color diffraction.

                      Durability is guaranteed by the light aircraft-grade aluminum that is used in the chassis of the scope, and the nitrogen-purged optics for humidity and shock resistance.

                      Vortex Optics Crossfire II Red Dot Review


                      • DOT SIZE: 2 MOA
                      • ADJUSTMENT GRADUATION
                      • MAXIMUM ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT: 100 MOA
                      • MAXIMUM WINDAGE ADJUSTMENT: 100 MOA
                      • LENGHT: 2.5 in.
                      • WEIGHT: 5.2 oz.


                            • 11 LEVELS OF BRIGHTNESS
                            • RAPID TARGET ACQUISITION
                            • PARALLAX FREE
                            • ANTI REFLECTIVE COATINGS

                            The scope is easy to zero and even keeps the zero when you find it. Images are clear, no matter if in rainy or foggy conditions and the focus is great.
                            The 3-9×40 shows really good performance for medium-range shots, great glass, and quality warranty features that combined are very hard to find. Besides, the adjustable eyepiece is a feature that allows focusing the reticle to the eyes, being clearly visible.

                            This product is definitely good value for someone that doesn’t want to break the bank and at the same time wants to get a decent quality scope.

                            Another positive is that the customer service is second to none, and we have found several verified buyers that confirmed that the representative of the company works hard to solve their problems.

                            The riflescope comes with a Dead-Hold BDC reticle which is especially appropriate for shooting or hunting at ranges that are difficult to estimate. The reticle is also easy to focus, and together with the long eye relief, helps to target the objects more effectively.

                            Beyond that, the lens is anti-reflective and completely coated with several layers of material that avoid damage and give a clearer and brighter vision.

                            The construction material is aircraft-grade aluminum that is used in a sole portion to help the sturdiness and shock-resistant capability of it.

                            BSA 3-12*40 Sweet 17 Tactical Rifle Scope


                            • VARIABLE POWER: 3-12
                            • OBJECTIVE LENS DIAMETER: 40 mm
                            • DIMENSIONS: 18.5 x 4 x 3 in.
                            • WEIGHT: 1.1 lbs.


                                  • 15 SECONDS CLICK ADJUSTMENTS
                                  • FULLY MULTI-COATED OPTICS

                                  With the BSA 3-12×40 Sweet 17 BSA has accomplished to build a budget scope that shows also good quality and performance. When the BDC Turret compensator is zeroed at 100 yards, and then the turrets are also zeroed, the product is surprisingly accurate for an item in this price range. Of course, is not a Bushnell or Nikon quality level article, but considering the money that is needed to get it, there is no doubt that is a good deal.

                                  The Turrets give a good tactile feel that gives you confidence in that they have actually been adjusted.

                                  The scope presents a fully multi-coated lens, which is a plus for a budget item like this. Besides, the lens displays a neat and brilliant view. and the finishing is well made and the construction looks sturdy.

                                  As for what the majority of the users of the Sweet 17 rifle scope think about it, you can see that the item is one of the most popular and well-respected scopes for a 17 HMR rifle. The 17 HMR is a popular hunting and target shooting rifle already, due to its high bullet velocity and also because thanks to the flat flight it, is able to be used efficiently up to 250 and plus yards.

                                  Bushnell Banner 3-9X 40 Dusk & Dawn Multi X Reticle


                                  • EYE RELIEF: 6in.
                                  • LENGTH: 12 in.
                                  • WEIGHT: 13.0 oz.
                                  • TUBE DIAMETER: 1 in.
                                  • ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT RANGE: 60 MOA / 17.5 MIL
                                  • WINDAGE ADJUSTMENT RANGE: 60 MOA / 17.5 MIL


                                      • DUSK & DAWN BRIGHTNESS COATINGS
                                      • FIXED PARALLAX ADJUSTMENT
                                      • BLACK COLOR
                                      • MULTI-X CROSSHAIR RETICLE

                                      The quality of several features of the scope like the reticle, the zoom, and the parallax, can only be found in products much more expensive than the Bushnell Banner 3-9X 40 Dusk & Dawn Multi X Reticle. Thanks to the high-quality optics the HD view looks neat and remarkably clear at most of the ranges of the zoom and singularly good in low light conditions, performing very well even at ranges near 200 yards. The Dusk & Dawn Brightness lenses are anti-reflective and fully multi-coated on all air to glass areas and these multiple layers of anti-reflective coating deliver bright and high-contrast images.

                                      The scope is easy to zero using the directional arrows that are specially engraved to emphasize the contrast needed in the process. In order to recalibrate the scope zero setting the head screws on each turret must be loosened, and then secured to assure that they remain still.

                                      The design is not thought only to be aesthetically attractive, but also sturdy and waterproof due to its O ring sealed optics that assured the dryness of its interior.

                                      Finally the Banner 3-9X 40 Dusk & Dawn comes with a traditional sight crosshair reticle to help the accuracy of the shot.

                                      Barska 6-24×50 AO IR Blackhawk Rifle Scope


                                      • MAGNIFICATION: 6x-24x
                                      • TUBE DIAMETER: 1 in.
                                      • OBJECTIVE LENS: 50 mm
                                      • EYE RELIEF:  4.01 in. – 3.03 in.
                                      • LENGTH: 15 in.
                                      • WEIGHT: 20.2 oz.


                                            • MIL DOT IR RETICLE
                                            • ADJUSTABLE LEVEL OF BRIGHTNESS
                                            • UNCAPPED LOCKABLE TURRETS
                                            • PARALLAX ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITY

                                            For starters is interesting to know that the Blackhawk Rifle Scopes from the company is a line of scopes that Barska have thought of with the idea of satisfying the necessity of persons that are looking for scopes that can be used in long-distance ranges, no matter if it is for target shooting or hunting. Also, the design of the scope is sufficiently sturdy to maintain zero even in strong a recoil released by the weapon.

                                            The series shows an illuminated reticle of green and red color that allows customizing brightness and luminosity according to actual conditions. In the case of night or low light usage, the red light will be the appropriate feature to display, and on the contrary, the green one is intended to be used in more illuminated situations. Another feature that is a highlight of these scopes is the variable zoom that helps to apply the right magnification depending on the specific target range.

                                            Beyond that, the quality of the materials in its construction makes that humidity or fog is not an issue when using the Barska Blackhawk Rifle Scopes. We think that given the quality and the price in which the scope can be bought, the product is a really good value item.

                                            Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 4-12 x 40mm


                                            • FIELD OF VIEW: 7.923.6 ft @ 100 yds.
                                            • OBJECTIVE DIAMETER: 40 mm
                                            • EYE RELIEF: 3.73.7 in.
                                            • ADJUSTMENT GRADUATION: 1/2 in.
                                            • LENGTH: 14 in.
                                            • WEIGHT: 13.6 oz


                                                  • WATERPROOF
                                                  • FOGPROOF
                                                  • SPOT ON CUSTOM TURRET
                                                  • MATTE FINISH

                                                  Few people question the quality of the scopes made by Nikon, but this model really stands out from the pack.  The product is extremely light and the optics shows amazing quality. Definitely, anyone that is looking for a real scope will not regret the purchase of this great item.

                                                  Going to the details, the spring Loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets are smooth and easy to manage which results in a quick zero execution, the parallax is customizable, and the eye relief is ample enough to provide awesome performance. That being said, the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 4-12 x 40mm is shock, water, and fog proof, which is especially useful for heavy hunters that use their equipment in rough weather conditions. Also, the scope displays clear images no matter the level of magnification that you are using when shooting.

                                                  Besides, the light that comes inside the scope is massive, making the use of the scope in poor light condition a breeze.

                                                  Considering that its accuracy makes the Rimfire extremely popular among shooters, the rifle deserves the addition of a top-notch scope like the Prostaff Rimfire to enhance even more your shooting experience.

                                                  We highly recommend this great product that even though some people can consider it expensive in our opinion is worth every penny that you can spend when buying it.

                                                  Leupold Rifle Scopes VX Freedom 3-9×40 Riflescope


                                                  • MAGNIFICATION RANGE: 3x-9x
                                                  • ZOOM RATIO: 3: 1
                                                  • TUBE DIAMETER: 1 in.
                                                  • LENGTH: 12.39 in.
                                                  • WEIGHT: 12.2 oz.


                                                        • TWILIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
                                                        • LEUPOLD VX-FREEDOM
                                                        • MADE IN USA
                                                        • IMPACT TESTED AND VERIFIED

                                                        This American made scope has a nice look with its matte finish, but most important shows neat images and the magnification performance is good. The construction material is 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum, which means that beyond that the waterproof and fog proof capabilities of the item, the durability of the scope is guaranteed. Also, our opinion is that the quality price ratio that the Leupold Rifle Scopes VX Freedom 3-9×40 Riflescope shows is remarkably positive. The only drawback that we can see is that the turrets gives the sensation to be not firm enough, and could be damaged with any strong motion. The lenses are of very good quality, the tube gathered a lot of light, and you are not going to see any color aberration or edge distortion.

                                                        The scope also comes with a feature called Twilight Light Management System, which adds up to 10 more minutes of light shooting to reduce glare for better image quality. Moreover, it is also positive that the Precision 1/4 MOA finger click turrets for windage and elevation are reliable and are not affected by the recoil when shooting.

                                                        All in all, the product is an excellent scope that with a little enhancement in the turrets could be considered a perfect value item.

                                                        How to Choose The Best Scope for 17 HMR Rifles Recap

                                                        As we have seen, these kinds of scope for 17 HMR are widely available, but this same fact makes that choose the right one might be difficult. Our reviews were thought with the intention of simplifying the process and help the interested buyers to make an easier decision. We hope that we have accomplished our goal and our compilation has been useful for our readers.